System «Injex 30» – Needle Free Injector is a reusable, thickness of a finger, 10 cm in length and weighing only 75 grams. Designed for the introduction of liquid and gel products are strictly under the skin, without using a needle.
The use of injecting drugs at the same time it becomes painless and much safer than a syringe with a needle.
Significantly reduces the risk of transmission of infection and the risk of accidental injury from a used needle.
With the injector drug injected precisely into the subcutaneous tissue through a microscopic hole, and absorbed much better and faster than the introduction of a needle, which was confirmed in several studies and tests conducted in different countries.
The ideal solution for those who are prone to scarring and subcutaneous clots.

The principle of the injector "Injex 30" is based on the technology of Needle Free drug administration. With the energy of mechanical action, and a special spring plunger in the injector allow the pressure to quickly but gently push a stream of medication through a microscopic hole in the subcutaneous tissue, without puncturing needle.
The diameter of the holes in the injex-ampoule of 0.17 millimeters, thinner than twice the diameter of the smallest needles for insulin.
The form of the spread of the drug under the skin - tapered in diameter from 5 to 18 mm in depth from 3.2 mm to 9.1 mm. (The penetration depth depends on the amount of injected drug.)


The drug is not accumulated, and distributed evenly!

Injex 30 kit

Injex 30 kit includes:
- injector Injex 30 - reusable
- device for recharging (cocking spring) injector
- carrier (holder) for karpul (penfil)
- instructions for use
- Compact bag for storage and carrying

Needle Free Injector "Injex 30" - consists of a main body made ​​of stainless steel trigger mechanism and the two safety valves to prevent accidental operation and leakage of the drug.

he first safety valve is triggered automatically when you install a injex-injector vials. The second valve (safety) is closed / opened manually by moving the locking ring from position to position safe safe off.

With the help of a mechanical spring action is a "soft trigger" of the drug through a microscopic hole in the inzheks-ampoule. The finest of the drug under the pressure of the jet penetrates the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue.

A device for recharging injector "is used to prepare for the next use of the injector, through the" platoon "spring injector.

Building "charge-device" is small enough, it also can be safely stored in the injector between applications.

Injex ampoule

Injex ampoule is similar to a disposable syringe, BUT without a needle is used to set the required dose of the drug through a special adapter, and then I dialed dose under the skin (or mucous membrane under the gums in dentistry).
Inzheks ampoule with the required dose of the drug is inserted into the injector and easily screwed into it until it stops.

Injector with an ampoule is moved to the area of the body to which you want to make an injection, tightly pressed, after removing the fuse. Then short press is driven by the trigger, and very fine spray of the drug penetrates the skin, getting into the subcutaneous tissue.
Material from which the ampoule are made, more durable than that of the conventional syringe.

Scale vials made ​​in units of insulin (U-100), and in milliliters.
Dose injex apmpoule - from 5 to 30 units of insulin in increments of 1 unit, and from 0.05 to 0.30 ml with 0.01 mL increments. Injex ampoule are supplied in individual sterile packages.



Adapters are suitable for most standard bottles and is used to set the required dose Injex ampoule. For non-standard and large bottles used generic "Lyuer" adapter. After dialing the required dose of the adapter cap can be closed and store it with the bottle until the contents will not be spent. All adapters are supplied in individual sterile packages.


Silitop is a soft silicone tip to Injex ampoule, further softening injections. Thanks Silitop when pressing Injex ampoule to the body or gums (dental) which does not leave any traces of the pushing even for a short time!

Bits Silitop supplied in individual sterile packages.


Injex system very easy to use. (You must always read the detailed instructions included in the kit!)
1.Insert the injector into the device to reload, and close the cover. - This will recharge injector.
2. 3. Attach the adapter to the desired vial. Then insert Injex ampoule into the adapter, turning a half turn, and enter the required dose.
4. Screw the ampoule with a dose of the drug in the injector and slide the protective ring guard. Hold the injector with the ampoule to the injection site and press the trigger.
The whole procedure is very simple, takes less than a minute and also painless!