Love and respect yourself and your children, make without needle injections!
Injections of growth hormones to children and adults are now in a new way - without the needles and no pain!
Needle Free injection in the first place, uluchayut quality of life!

System "Injex 30" - Needle Free Injector is a reusable, thickness of a finger, 10 cm in length and weighing only 75 grams. Designed for the introduction of liquid and gel products under the skin, without using a needle.
The use of injecting drugs at the same time it becomes painless and much safer than a syringe with a needle.
Significantly reduces the risk of transmission of infection and the risk of accidental injury from a used needle.
With the injector drug injected precisely into the subcutaneous tissue through a microscopic hole, and absorbed much better and faster than the introduction of a needle, which was confirmed in several studies and tests conducted in different countries.
The ideal solution for those who are prone to scarring and subcutaneous clots.

The principle of the injector "Injex 30" is based on the technology of Needle Free drug administration. With the energy of mechanical action, and a special spring plunger in the injector allow the pressure to quickly but gently push a stream of medication through a microscopic hole in the subcutaneous tissue.

The diameter of the holes in the inzheks-ampoule of 0.17 millimeters, which is more than 2 times smaller than the diameter of small needles for insulin.

Advantages of Needle Free injector Injex:

  • Painless Injection
  •  The injection without needle eliminates the risk of infection from needles
  • No trace of a needle puncture of the skin tissue
  • Better and more rapid digestibility of the drug
  • Strictly subcutaneous injection - excluding the risk of penetration of the drug into the muscle
  • Fast, easy and safe
  • Individual and economical dosing of drugs
  • Compact and lightweight - can be used anywhere
  • Reusable and reliable device made in Germany
  • Reducing the number of hazardous waste